OPS Consulting

OPS Consulting handles all necessary studies, analysis and research connected with the other two branches, OPS Vigil and OPS Delta. OPS Consulting acts as an independent entity to set up total safety and security plans for any situation. They can work together with any third party. Included in the analysis is Budgeting, Risk Management, Administrative procedures concerning safety and security.

Typical services of OPS Consulting are:

OPS Vigil

OPS Vigil takes care of the protection of your belongings against theft and fire. It offers a wide range of quality products at its disposal, meeting all the highest technical standards and legal demands.

Our experts can install and operate the following systems:

OPS Delta

OPS Delta is your expert for all matters of personal & industrial security. We offer a wide range of security services from personal bodyguarding to guarding your warehouses or other properties.

OPS Delta offers perfect solutions to guaranteed security in the following fields of operation: